16 Must Try Affordable Tips For Self-Care

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All moms need to have a self-care routine. If your pitcher is not full, you cannot take care of yourself let alone anyone else. Get it together chick and develop a self-care routine. 

What has a self-care routine done for me? 

Well first off it makes me a better wife and mom. I find I lose my shit less and can stay calm. When I forget to take care of myself, I usually lose my temper and say incredible mean things. When I am full of self-care, I am clever with words and actions. It pays to have a self-care plan. 

As a matter of fact, my self-care plan came in handy today. This morning my husband was cleaning and putting away some Christmas stuff and found a bunch of alcohol in the basement. Turns out that it was my son’s hidden stash and he is only 15. If I was not keeping up with myself, I would have lost my shit! But I have an overflowing pitcher so now he will be at my beck and call for a while! 

Moms we have a hard job and need to take care of ourselves. I take it even more seriously because I already have endometriosis, anxiety, and Hashimoto’s – I am not looking for other items to add to my health problems. We should be looking for positive vibes and working on filling our pitcher so it is overflowing!

Here are my go-to self-care practices:


I own a Peloton bike and tread and love it! I just started cycling again and I love how I feel. We got rid of all our gym memberships and use only the Peloton equipment and weights. 

If you are looking for a Peloton – use this referral code for $100 off – GTGXBN


Take lots of baths with Epsom salt. This is a great way to melt the stress away and detox toxins from the body. 


I paint my nails every week. I also use regular nail polish because I have more time for myself. I typically watch my favorite TV show while the polish dries. Essie and Sally Hansen is my favorite polish!


I write, track my exercise, write down interesting articles I want to write, or sometimes just write about all the stuff in my head so it has a place to go. 


I love a good book. Right now I am finishing The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. I have had many revelations reading this book and highly recommend it! I also love Rachel Hollis as she kicks me into high gear making me want to achieve my goals!

Put Yourself First!

This means that if I have a doctor’s appointment, I leave work and go to my appointment. I don’t cancel or reschedule. I move things around or take off to make time for myself and my health. 

Make time for God

I bought myself a bible journal that you can color and look up different stories that resonate with me at that time. I then color a section and learn more about the bible. I give all my worries and problems to God because that is what he wants. 


I try and go to bed at the same time every night and stick to a routine. I wear an awesome eye mask and usually take a bath before bed to wind down. I also wear comfy clothes to prevent me from waking up. 

Chill with my dogs

Yes, this is a must for me. I love my dogs and when I am having a bad day I snuggle with them and they make me feel better. It also helps to have a cozy blanket;-)

Cook at home and clean up your diet!

I know when I eat dairy or gluten, I am going to feel puffy, have a headache, and have a foggy brain. Notice what you eat and how you feel because feeling crappy is not going to help your self-care. 

Unfollow negative people on social media

When you are scrolling through social media, looking at negative posts can do a number on your brain and is definitely not good for self-care. Instead, follow positive people and see who they are following for ideas on new social accounts. 

Some of my favorite social accounts are:

  • Rachel Hollis
  • Positive Outlooks on Facebook
  • Tony Robbins
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Harlow and Sage – because dogs are life!
  • Official James Arthur Ray
  • Project Forgive
  • Laura Browning Grant – talk about inspiration!
  • Brene Brown

Make your bed!

Have the best sheets and covers and make sure to always make your bed. 74% of bed makers felt more accomplished at the end of the day compared to non-bed makers(1). I feel more put together when I make my bed.


Headspace, Peloton, and Breathe are a few of my favorite meditation apps. I really love Peloton the most because the instructors are live and guide you through the mediation. 

Essential Oil

I love a good essential oil to not only make my house smell good but also put me in a calm and relaxing state. 

Make life easier

I look for items that will make the hard things way easier. Here are my top items that make my life easier:

Washing my hair is no problem but when it comes to blowing it out ugh! I have really thick hair and it usually takes forever until I gifted myself a Dyson Hairdryer! I am not a sweaty mess and it only takes me five minutes compared to fifteen. 

Shark iRobot vacuum – I hate sweeping the floors and I can think of way more important things than doing the floors. This machine has changed my life. I run it several times a week and it is great at picking up the pet hair. 

Instant Pot – Forget dinner, no problem! Sometimes I crave chili and a good one takes hours in the crock pot. I can make a really good chili with my instant pot in under an hour. 

Angry Mama Microwave cleaner – Who has time to clean the microwave or who wants to. I usually give this chore to my son when he is in trouble but with this contraption, cleaning the microwave is super easy!

Take a Mental Health Day

Yup take time off work and work on yourself! If I am stressed and have been slacking on self-care, you better believe I am taking a day off work to do something for myself. 


  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/18/making-your-bed-first-thing-can-make-you-more-productive-all-day.html

Tell me what is in your self-care routine!

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  1. Love all of these great ideas and the freedom to know how important it is to pour into oneself so we can pour into others. Gonna grab me a new Bible journal now. You’ve inspired me! 🙂

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